ESPRIT WELLNESS launches EspritWELL30, a community exercises & nutrition initiative for 2015 designed to educate and inspire participants to living well in 2015 and beyond.

EspritWELL30’s concept is simple. Participants commit to 30 minutes of exercise a day while eating healthy foods off the shopping list. Meanwhile, Dr. Sid, NYC Chiropractor and Founder of ESPRIT WELLNESS educates, motivates, and inspires participants, daily, to keep them enrolled in the conversation of wellness for 2015 and beyond!

EspritWELL30 is a stepping-stone to getting you on the ‘WELL’-track to a healthier you. Understanding what food is ideal pre or post exercise and how to train most effectively, are useful for everyday living and practical lessons you can take with you long after the 30 days are up!

So, let’s rally. LiveWELL with ESPRIT WELLNESS and kickstart the new year with a new you! Notable: Within the 30 days you will have complimentary access to a certified personal trainer & nutritionist for advice & tips. E-mail: [email protected]; subject “ EspritWELL30” to get started.

ESPRIT WELLNESS, a premium healthy living lifestyle brand, since 1997, is a boutique multidisciplinary wellness center locate in the heart of New York City, near Grand Central, Bryant Park and Times Square in Midtown Manhattan. People from across the nation and all over the world visit Dr. Sid, New York’s elite status Scoliosis Bootcamp Doctor and Top NYC Chiropractor, for best in class comprehensive and holistic a) scoliosis, b) spinal pain and/or injury, c) sports medicine, and c) overall health and wellness care.

Dr. Sid founder of Esprit Wellness and co-founder of ScolioSMART Clinics, offers a team approach to treatment. With a staff of highly trained board-certified chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists and alliances with leaders in the fitness and sustainable living sectors, ESPRIT WELLNESS offers its patients smart, safe, effective, complete, and convenient scoliosis, pain, injury, rehab, and wellness care all under one roof. ESPRIT WELLNESS treatments are non-invasive and do not require the use of drugs or surgery. ESPRIT WELLNESS uses customized treatments and customized equipment, based on the extensive knowledge of individual difference built into their state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic systems. ESPRIT WELLNESS features everything from onsite diagnostics, including digital full body X-ray, computerized range of motion and muscle testing, physical rehabilitation, to non-invasive, non-toxic treatments for all types of scoliosis, pain and injury treatment.

To get started on EspritWELL30 email: [email protected] today!