I had met Dr. Sid through a friend of a friend who recommended him when I told them I was experiencing some back pain and was diagnosed with a slight case of scoliosis early in my childhood. From the moment I stepped into the wellness center, I began to feel very relaxed. At first he spoke to me, talked about everything I was experiencing with my pain and running down my history. After explaining alot of what he does and taking some x-rays, he explained to me full detail how the curve in my spine effected some of the other areas of my body which could be resulting in my pain. As A kid I never even really knew what scoliosis meant but he really made me understand what was going on. He also was not quick at all to have me wear a brace which many other doctors are quick to recommend. After a series of chiropractic procedures, Dr Sid showed me how he could help remedy my situation and I immediatley began to feel better in my back after performing these exercises. I can not wait to begin seeing him on a regular basis to reliveve my back pain in the future. Dr. Sid is also very patient and really has a way of making his patients understand and feel comfortable. Thanks!