Active Release Techniques, or ART, is a non-invasive soft tissue treatment that restores proper functioning to your muscles through a hands-on massage system. Chiropractors use this kind of treatment to improve overused soft tissues, release adhesion, and treat muscle strains.

Many patients who have experienced the inability to move their muscles and joints freely resort to surgery for treatment. Unfortunately, not all cases of surgery are successful, and oftentimes, there are situations in which extreme complications occur. ART can alleviate muscle disorders, even after surgery, and guarantee safe and effective treatment without unwanted side effects.

During the ART treatment process, patients have to go through a combination of examinations and treatments, which usually spans 6 to 12 visits.  However, chiropractors advise their patients to do at-home exercises as well to help them achieve better results faster. These exercises help the body to move and naturally heal injured tissues. In addition, regular exercise aside from the treatments can also help in avoiding possible injuries in the future.

One good example of an exercise following an ART treatment session is stretching exercises. Stretching the body enhances flexibility, thereby reducing the chances of recurring injuries. Once your body is flexible enough, it can withstand potential causes of muscle strain and joint pains.

Strength exercises are also important because they help to strengthen the muscles, which makes them less prone to possible sprains. There are many examples of strength exercises that a patient can do after an ART treatment. Exercise tools like weights, medicine balls, and weight lifting machines can aid in improving muscle strength.

Patients can also try walking, aerobic exercises, and core exercises to help enhance blood circulation and improve their core to prevent repetitive strain injuries.

While exercises are indeed important for a patient following an ART treatment, it is important to always seek advice from a chiropractor first before undergoing a new series of exercise. Chiropractors help patients decide when the right time is to do their exercises and what type of exercises are more appropriate for their condition.

-Dr Sid
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