When you experience back pain, some of the advice you receive from people can be conflicting.  Some suggest that you rest, while others recommend that you stay active to release muscle tension. Both approaches are actually effective in providing pain relief. Proper rest promotes good health, while exercise helps maintain a strong and healthy body.

But, which approach surpasses the other? Is exercise better than rest, or is taking a load off better than staying active?  The answer is neither. Both exercise and rest are equally effective in providing relief to lower back pain.

This has been proven to be true through a study at BioMed Central.  Research was conducted to find the difference between the current pain treatment, which is exercise, and a new treatment, which is daily rest, for patients with Modic changes.

Results of the study revealed that there was no difference and that both approaches were equally effective at relieving back pain.

Back pain can be relieved by going through a series of specialized exercises that target the causes of back pain and help alleviate its symptoms. Physical therapy New York helps patients achieve a more active treatment with well-designed exercises to deal with the back pain. Patients also need to rest their bodies each day while they are going through exercise therapy.

Source: BMC Medicine 2012, 10:22

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness