Construction workers are more prone to physical pain than most people due to their constant lifting of heavy weights and use of their physical strength to work. Some of the common types of pain for construction workers are lower back pain, normally acquired from constant bending and lifting, as well as neck and shoulder pain due to the continuous usage of the the shoulders and hands.

Prevalence of pain in the body, specifically in the lower back, shoulder, and neck areas, of a construction worker can hinder their effectiveness on the job. It can also lead to work absenteeism, as some may even experience chronic pain.

Chiropractor Manhattan believes that continually struggling with pain can negatively affect quality of life as well as working performance. Early detection and treatment of body pain can help reduce the risk of it worsening, which would otherwise eventually lead to further problems. It is best to seek immediate treatment to minister body pain as soon as possible and go back to a more effective work performance.

What are the factors that create neck and shoulder pain for construction workers?

According to the study in Spine Journal, occupational workload and psychosocial factors can greatly contribute to the neck and shoulder pain of a construction worker. Though physical workloads can be a significant factor, psychosocial factors are even more impactful.

The results of a research study on 1773 construction workers showed that 56% of the subjects had been having neck and shoulder trouble for one year and 12% had neck and shoulder pain. Psychosocial factors also played out, however, through psychosomatic and psychic symptoms and stress and job satisfaction.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness