Common injuries in the body caused by too much physical activity, accidents, trauma, or stress can alter the normal motions of our muscles and joints, resulting in chronic pain, weakness, and decreased functionality.  Consequently, they can reduce our capacity to perform even the most basic daily activities and can affect our mood and emotions.

One of the practical treatments to restore proper function and movement to the muscles is Active Release Techniques, or ART. This non-invasive treatment features specific movements and massage techniques that alleviate pain and restore proper muscle movement.

To help you better understand ART, here are some questions frequently asked by patients considering the treatment option.

Is Active Release Techniques painful?

ART is a non-invasive massage technique that involves several specific movements to address the injury in the body and alleviate pain.  It is common for the first few sessions to be uncomfortable, as is usually the case any time a new treatment is introduced to the body. The discomfort will eventually subside and patients will feel more at ease with the treatment.

Is it similar to a massage treatment?

No.  ART is not like regular massage therapy because the movements involved use very specific techniques. Keep in mind that only those who have undergone training are capable of performing ART effectively.

How long does ART take?

During the first sessions, the treatments usually last 30 minutes to an hour, which includes the consultation and examination. Sessions that follow usually take less than 20 minutes.

Is ART safe for the body?

Since the technique is non-invasive and non-surgical, ART is a safe and effective treatment that is much less risky than surgery. NY Chiropractic ensures that every movement conforms to the needs of the patient and effectively alleviates muscle pain. Movements can help normalize muscle functions, and no cuts or stitches are required.

How quickly can results be seen?

The conditions of each patient differ, so results also vary. Chiropractor NYC ensures that, while results may not be the same for everyone, patients will see significant results after a few sessions.

-Dr Sid
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