Lower back pain can be caused by several different thing, and one of them is spinal deterioration. When the discs in your spine degenerate, it can cause a weakening sensation in our lumbar area, as well as an excruciating pain.

Another new cause of lower back pain was recently discovered by researchers at King’s College London.  According to the research, a specific gene in our bodies called the PARK2 gene can cause disc deterioration and a type of back pain called lumbar disc degeneration.  Researchers conducted an MRI scan of the PARK2 gene in 4,600 people and found this that this particular gene is linked to degenerating discs. They also discovered that during the onset of lumbar disc degeneration, this gene may be turned off.

Research has also found that there are body growths called osteophytes that develop in our spine, which can cause other discs around them to dehydrate and compress When this happens, the patient will soon experience pain in his or her lower back.

In addition, results showed that one-third of middle-aged women have degenerating discs, with 65% to 80% inheriting the condition.

There are a number of causes for lower back pain, and most of these factors are due to sedentary lifestyle, too much stress, and improper posture. To help you manage lower back pain, Chiropractor Manhattan offers various treatments to alleviate pain and encourage proper and natural healing. Back pain treatments are tailored to the varying needs of the patient, which can help promote faster healing and recovery.

Source: Annals of Rheumatic Diseases, Sept. 19.

-Dr Sid
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