I was fortunate to meet Dr. Sid one evening at the gym. As an Ironman triathlete years of swimming was starting to seriously affect my left shoulder. My own research seemed to indicate the popular ?swimmers shoulder? syndrome and I was at a point where I couldn?t get through a swim session without considerable pain followed by discomfort days later. I was starting to convince myself that swimming 3 times a week just wouldn?t be an option anymore. Then I learned about Active Release, a therapy which breaks-up accumulated scar tissue, restores functional movement, and has an excellent success rate. I knew I needed the treatment but was always either too busy or had some other excuse why I couldn?t schedule an appointment. I?m certainly glad that I went to see Dr. Sid because through his Active Release sessions I?m back in the pool again with little if any discomfort and with each session my shoulder continues to improve. I am so relieved that Dr. Sid has been able to correct years of accumulated damage and continue something I enjoy. Once again I?m able to lift weights and do other excercises like push-ups which used to hurt. Dr. Sid also made me aware of the causes for some other neck and back issues I was having and through his adjustments I?m feeling stronger and healthier overall. Dr. Sid is passionate about his practice and completely client focused. Also, the spa like environment feels like a treat to visit his office.