Experiencing back pain can hinder you from being productive at work and at home. Instead of concentrating on what you are doing, you are distracted by the excruciating pain you feel in our lower back.  Though most cases of severe back pain are caused by spinal disorders, there are instances in which lower back is caused by bad habits. Certain things we consistently do in our daily lives may gradually contribute to back pain, and little do we realize that although we feel at ease when sitting in certain positions,  we are actually increasing our risk for back pain.

Chiropractor Manhattan suggests that even if you are not currently experiencing back pain, or it is minimal, it is important to identify what causes back pain and execute ways to change or avoid them.  If certain daily habits that contribute to back pain can be avoided, it is in your best interest to make some changes.

Below are some of the bad habits that may lead to back pain and should be avoided:

  • Lack of exercise – Not exercising often leads to weight gain, which contributes to pain in your lower back and neck. Exercise helps maintain the body’s flexibility and mobility and therefore reduces the risk of injuries and accidents. By exercising regularly, we make our muscles less stiff.
  • Sitting too long – Although we become engrossed in work during the day, taking breaks to do a little stretching will go a long way. Many people suffer from lower back pain simply because they sit for too many long hours without reprieve. Not only do our muscles becomes stiff, but it often leads to poor posture as well. So, take the time to do a little stretching or stand for a few minutes every hour or so.
  • Smoking – Smoking is, in every way, bad for our health. And, did you know that smoking can lead to back pain too? This bad habit restricts the proper absorption of calcium into our body, thus leaving our bones less healthy. If you add alcohol consumption to the list, it only worsens the situation, so an easy way to affect immediate change in back pain is to eliminate those two things from your lifestyle.
  • Regularly carrying heavy loads – Heavy bags place a lot of concentrated weight and pressure on your body, which makes you more prone to back pain. So, instead of carrying a huge bag, try to sort out the things that you truly need for the day and leave the rest behind.
  • Your mattress – Not sleeping well, or in a poor position, can lead to back pain. If you think your mattress is affecting your sleeping situation, buy a new one as soon as possible.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness