Acupressure massage is derived from the famous ancient Chinese healing technique called acupuncture.  The difference between two techniques, however, is that acupuncture uses needles, while acupressure simply uses pressure applied by the fingers to different points of the body.

The ancient Chinese believed that there are 12 to 14 channels, or meridians, flowing through our bodies that connect to specific parts of the body. Once these meridians are blocked, the energy and chi that flow through them are also hampered. Acupressure massage helps to eliminate the blockages in the meridians and allow energy to flow smoothly once again.

The process of acupressure massage involves using fingers to press and apply pressure to different points on the body. The pressure to the key points of the body alleviates the buildup of toxins in our tissues that cause stiffness in the body. This encourages the body to undergo natural self-healing, which results in releasing tension and allowing good blood circulation.

There are many health benefits that acupressure can offer a person. In fact, acupressure massage can also be used to help treat body ailments in addition to bringing back the balance to the body.  Some of the most common benefits of acupressure massage include enhanced blood circulation, relaxation of muscular tension, improvement in muscle strength, stress relief, reduced blood pressure, and allowing the body to deeply relax.  It can also help to reduce pain during labor, heal injuries, reduce anxiety, and, for women, help with menopause, PMS, and maintaining a regular menstrual cycle.

In addition, acupressure massage helps to alleviate illnesses and ailments such as arthritis, nausea, depression, headaches, pain, and immune system deficiencies. Cancer patients can also benefit from acupressure massage, as it helps to stimulate the energy the body needs to fight the disease.

When considering acupressure massage, it is usually recommended to have an expert perform the treatment rather than doing it yourself.  If you really want to do it yourself, consult your chiropractor or doctor first, so you can be advised on the proper techniques.  Even though natural treatments do work more efficiently, it is dependent upon proper application and guidance from specialists.

-Dr Sid
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