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One of the most recognized methods used by a chiropractor NY in treating soft tissue problems such as rotator cuff syndrome are active release techniques. Active release techniques or commonly known as ART has been developed by Dr. Michael Leahy. It has been refined through observations, tests and further studies until it has become accepted by chiropractors in many areas of the world as an effective treatment method. How exactly do active release techniques work in treating soft tissue conditions and other health problems? You may ask. Understanding of this is imperative before seeking treatment you must with a chiropractor NYC.

Active Release Techniques
Active release techniques are not only utilized by chiropractors but also by massage therapists and health care providers. It is has been well-accepted as an efficient treatment for myofascial conditions, sciatica nerve problems and soft tissue issues. Conditions treated by ART are generally caused by overuse of the joint, muscle or tissue which has resulted in tears to the area. Certain cells in the thorn area of the muscles or the tissue adhere to the surface, leading to the formation of scars in the internal tissues. Since scars may form uneven shapes, certain of the tissues and muscles may be compressed with the enlargement of the scar. Compression of the surrounding muscles and tissues will then lead to symptoms such as pain and inflammation.

The main aim of active release techniques NY is to eliminate pain and other symptoms by breaking the scars on the tissues and muscles. This is done by a chiropractor NY by palpating the painful area and determining the possible source of pain. The source of pain is usually the scarred tissue. The chiropractor NYC then performs several tissue massages to break the scar tissues. Other methods of manipulating tissues and muscles are also performed as a part of the active release techniques.

By breaking the scars or fibrous cell formations on soft tissues, ART can manage the symptoms of many soft tissue conditions which include rotator cuff problems. When the fibrous cells are released, the compacted muscles or tissues surrounding the inflamed area will be free from compression. If these muscles and tissues are no longer compressed, proper circulation and oxygen supply towards the area will take place and pain will no longer be felt by the patient.

During the performance of active release techniques, you may be instructed by the chiropractor or massage therapist to flex or extend your arm. It is very important for you to follow the instructions of the therapist because the success of the treatment is dependent on the effort of you both.

Active release technique NY has been proven to be effective. You do not have to worry about undergoing such a process as it is safe when conducted by a trained specialist. However, you should make sure to choose an expert in this field to avoid risk and guarantee that you will benefit from the method. Select a wellness centre which provides a calm environment where you can relax while the procedure is being performed.