by: Aatif Siddiqui D.C.


Back pain is the one most commonly experienced condition by people of all ages. Some people pop a pill, medications while others apply anti-inflammatory creams or gels. Sufferers of back pain consider going to a chiropractor. While there have controversies associated with how chiropractic therapy works, it has been accepted that chiropractic treatments are effective in relieving occasional back pain sustained from sports injuries such as golf. In cases where back pain has caused general mobility in the patient, a chiropractor will use spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment by unlocking a spinal joint which has gone rigid.


Our NYC Chiropractors perform adjustments and physical therapy, as well as design body area-specific exercises and plan nutritional diets for patients. A few years ago, the American Agency for Health Care Policy and Research stated that chiropractic has been found effective for alleviation of lower back pain in the first month it occurs. Neck pain, shooting pains felt in the legs called sciatica, menstrual pain, migraines, painful joints in the knees, hands, shoulders and feet and posture problems are also common conditions which may be relieved by chiropractic.


Some Conditions that Could Benefit from Chiropractic


Chiropractic treatments utilize various methods of applied hand pressure and particular equipment to administer spinal manipulation. These may include using sustained hand pressure slowly or rapidly, putting area-specific wedges under the body and pushing or pressing deep-tissue muscles with hands. A condition such as a herniated disk results in weakness in the leg or arm, pain and numbness. Since surgery is not required to address this health concern, a visit to a Chiropractor NYC should do.


Spinal manipulation is considered safe if administered by an experienced, trained and licensed practitioner of chiropractic.


Don’t Worry About the Bubble Sounds


Chiropractic treatments are generally not painful even when they include stretching and pulling the muscles in specific directions to strengthen the range of mobility, applying sharp and short thrusts to the spine to eliminate restrictions of the joints and moving the joints slowly and gradually through different positions to reduce tension that may have made a joint rigid. There have been reports of some amount of discomfort, soreness or pain while chiropractic is being administered on the area being treated, although this might be due to existing inflammation but passes very quickly.


Also, a popping sound and some sort of cracking sensation might be experienced during such manipulation. This is normal when administering chiropractic adjustments and is believed to be caused by bubbles of gas in some fluids surrounding the joints. However, if pain persists and accelerate during treatment, the chiropractor should be informed immediately. Our chiropractors NYC will put the patient on a diet and or supplements specifically geared towards the prevention of recurring lower back pain. Still other Chiropractor NYC alternative treatments may be in combination with acupuncture or area-specific exercises created for particular cases such as that of a golfer who often undergoes chronic back pain.