For patients who do not want to turn to expensive medication and highly risky surgery, physical therapy is a great alternative.  Basically, physical therapy, is a series of exercise treatments that aims to cure physical disorders and improve overall health. A physical therapist provides the patient with specialized exercises appropriate for his or her health condition, and these physical activities allow the patient to gradually regain their movement and mobility and return to their normal lifestyle.

People who have been diagnosed with certain disabilities or diseases, such as arthritis, back pain, and cerebral palsy, can benefit greatly from physical therapy.  Proper exercises can help rid a patient of his or her disorder by retraining the affected body parts to function normally again. For patients for whom the impairment is great, physical therapy helps them maximize their movements within the set limitations of their condition.

Physical therapy also benefits people who have had a major accident. It helps to speed recovery and sets them up to enjoy a normal life without negative long term consequences. It can also assist patients who have been through surgery to take advantage of the exercises their easy and more effective recuperation.

Apart from recovery and cure, physical therapy also helps children with developmental issues such as delays in growth and weakness of the muscles and joints. There are certain physical therapy techniques that help children achieve normal growth, which include stretching exercises, strength training, and balance and coordination exercises.

Simply put, physical therapy is an effective, low-risk treatment option that can help a person easily achieve recovery and return to a normal lifestyle. It significantly improves health as well as enhances the condition of the body, regardless of any medical disorders a person may be experiencing.  Physical therapy can pose a great benefit to the body, and by working with a physical therapist, any patient can gain maximum benefit from the exercise treatments.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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