By: Dr. Sid


Studies have shown that physical therapy NYC can go a long way towards enhancing the benefits you get from chiropractic care. By performing special exercises you’ll heal faster and be in a better position to manage any discomfort you may be feeling. Following musculoskeletal surgery, your movement will be limited and the discomfort will be continuous, but with the Scoliosis BootCamp Exercises your condition will improve and the aches will cease.


An Overview of the Scoliosis Boot Camp


This is a special non-surgical treatment program that will provide benefits ordinary physical therapy cannot possibly give you. What this treatment does is reduce the curvature, improve your breathing and halt its progression without causing any discomfort. In addition, the exercises offer the following benefits.


  • Once you undergo this program you should no longer have to undergo scoliosis surgery.
  • The physical discomfort and pain you feel will be reduced.
  • Improved physical appearance will be experienced.
  • Progression of the condition should be halted.


The Scoliosis BootCamp Exercises are performed over a 10 day period and is designed expressly to guide those with a spinal curvature of 25 degrees or greater. This treatment, unlike others available, will provide you with a means to get a grip of your condition, physically and emotionally. What makes this treatment different from other physical therapy NYC programs is that it is completely centered on the patient and results oriented. There is no question that physical therapy helps, but Scoliosis BootCamp is highly specialized and provides a complete set of workouts that will improve your condition like no other.


How the Treatment Works


This 10 day program offers a comprehensive set of exercises that will actually train your muscles and your brain so they learn how to function together, without feeling the pain and exhaustion that you usually feel in other kinds of therapies. Furthermore, this program has been subjected to rigorous tests and has been proven to be a valid method for improving your scoliosis condition.


What makes Scoliosis BootCamp different from other treatment programs is there is no physical or emotional risk involved, and even children as young as the age of five can participate. Even adults in their late sixties can take part in it and experience relief. Unlike your typical physical therapy treatment program, the Scoliosis Boot Camp Exercises will jumpstart and expand your scoliosis exercises and provide not just immediate but long term benefits. As the latest research shows, the Scoliosis Boot Camp program produces permanent results, and once completed your scoliosis curve will not only be stabilized but also reduced significantly.


With this physical therapy NYC you will get proper training and supervision from their highly trained doctors, and they will provide all the tools and one on one coaching you need to succeed. With the experts at Scoliosis Boot Camp you get a special program that will effectively reduce the rigidity and stiffness that’s normally associated with this condition. The special stretching and vibration techniques used in this program by the way, are suitable for severe and moderate scoliosis.