One of the most common body ailments experienced by people who work is back pain. Soreness in the lower back, constant pain, and the inability to comfortably return to work are all symptoms. Since work is such an integral part of each of our lives, allowing this type of condition to become a hindrance is unacceptable.

However, back pain is often inevitable when people are sitting in front of their desks all day or lifting heavy objects. Some of the factors that contribute to back pain are too much force on the back due to lifting, inappropriate posture, too much stress, and repetitive movements that may cause tension in our muscles.

Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid back pain while at work, and following these tips will help…

Exercise or do some sort of physical activity every week. This will help keep your body in healthy shape and, thus, reduce stress on your back. A few minutes of walking or other aerobic exercise matched with a strengthening exercise is a great combination. You can even walk while you’re at work – instead of asking an assistant to fetch you something, walk and get it yourself. Or, take a short walk on your break.
If your work requires you to sit for long hours, every couple of hours make it a point to stand and stretch. This will enable your spine to regain to its normal curve and reduce the tension that has built up while you’ve been sitting.
Let your office resources adjust to you instead of you adjusting to them. It’s important to keep your body relaxed, so rather than straining your neck to see your computer screen, adjust the screen to a position that matches you. Also be sure that the height of your chair in relation to the table is such that you can work comfortably.
Invest in an ergonomic chair. Even if your employer does not provide one, consider it a personal investment worth making. If you think your employer may purchase one for you, approach them and talk to them about how you feel an ergonomic chair would help you work more effectively.
When lifting heavy objects, do not overdo it. Know your limitations and carry only what your body can handle, even if it takes a little longer. Also make sure that your back is straight and never twisted or bent when picking things up and carrying them. If you need to lower your position, bend your knees instead.
Do something to address stress in your body. Stress can actually lead to bodily injury, so partake of some de-stressing activities like taking deep breaths or having a coffee break.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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