When I started at Dr. Sid’s office, I was 78 degrees on the top and 91 on the bottom. Before coming to Dr. Sid, I went to another doctor for two years, who was unable to help me. I began then as 36 degrees on top and 42 on bottom, and gradually became worse and worse until I hit 78 and 91. If Dr. Sid hadn’t worked, I would have been forced to opt for surgery, which was something I was hoping to avoid.

However, six weeks later, I improved by twenty-eight degrees, going from 78 on top and 91 on bottom to 67 on top and 74 on bottom, and it’s no wonder why.

Dr. Sid’s office is clean and well-organized. Angela and Gertrudis makes sure that there’s never more than a certain number of patients at once to ensure that everyone gets the most out of treatment. At my previous doctor’s office, there was frequently eleven people at once, and it wasn’t unusual to spend two hours in waiting time. However, this never happens at Dr. Sid’s office.

Furthermore, John is very friendly as well as knowledgeable and he knows what he’s doing. He works diligently to make sure that there aren’t any mistakes. At the other place, however, the staff made mistakes fairly often without realizing, which is highly detrimental, and that doesn’t happen here.

Each patient’s program is tailored specifically to his or her needs so as to get the best possible results, which worked for me. Dr. Sid is innovative and open-minded, as well as willing to adopt the most beneficial methods for each patient. He developed a new way of doing the scoliosis traction chair to help me, which really made a difference. Machines like the lumbar decompression table helped a lot as well.

My family and I are very grateful to Dr. Sid and his staff for improving my scoliosis so much. We would recommend him to anyone!