Occupational low back pain is chronic pain in the lumbar area brought about by too much work. A lot of people who work experience low back pain because too much pressure and too large of a workload are placed upon them. Too much stress in the body cause them to experience chronic pain, especially in the lumbar area.

A good example of occupational low back pain is nurses that are always on the go and under pressure. With a lot of work and the need to perform fast and effectively, nurses can’t help but feel a constant pain in their lower back. If not treated immediately, the pain can lead to further damage in the spine and cause detrimental effects in the body.

To prevent chronic pain from worsening, a recent study showed that massage therapy can help reduce lower back pain among nursing staff. During the research, 18 nursing employees where tested and evaluated based on their work activities, performance, and existing low back pain. A significant number of nurses showed excellent improvements in their body after several sessions of massage therapy. Some nurses even showed improvements after their second and third evaluations.

This goes to show that while occupational low back pain may be prevalent among nurses, proper treatment can help alleviate their pain and help them return to a more efficient work performance. Nurses can go through a series of physical therapy for chronic pain, designed to cater their specific body needs in order to achieve fast treatment and recuperation. Physical therapy does not require any incision, but rather implements safe and natural massage treatment that allows patients to easily go back to their work without added side effects.

If you want to go through massage treatment for lower back pain, Manhattan Physical Therapy can provide you with the most appropriate therapy to suit your needs.  A chiropractor will evaluate your body and identify your needs in order to offer you a suitable treatment session.

Source: Rev Lat Am Enfermagem 2012 June; 20(3):511-9.

-Dr Sid
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