It’s the start of another school year and lots of things are in store for your children. There  are entering new classes with more advanced material and new lessons to learn.  They are also beginning their school activities and socializing and doing homework with friends.  Backpacks make all of these things easier, but the problem with them is that they frequently cause terrible back pain due to all of the books and supplies they hold.

Chiropractor Manhattan believes that continually allowing your children use heavy backpacks will hurt their backs, worsen existing conditions, and likely lead to more detrimental spinal problems. Children with scoliosis, in particular, suffer from pain brought about by taking backpacks to school that is in addition to the ongoing pain they experience due to the abnormal curvature of their spine.

As a parent, it is your job to provide your children with what they need, which, in this case, means equipping them with the proper backpack.  So, what kind of backpack is the right one?

First of all, buy a backpack that is sturdy enough to hold all the things your child needs, yet light enough not to add a lot of weight to the load already on their back. It also must have padded shoulder straps for added support and comfort for their shoulders. If you are able to find a bag with a padded back as well, that is ideal, as it creates a padded barrier between their heavy books and back.

The right backpack must also be the right size for your child’s back and sit neither too low nor too high. The weight of the backpack must be distributed evenly for added support and a waist strap will make that happen by keeping the backpack in place.

If a backpack is still too burdensome for your child, consider a rolling bag instead.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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