Scoliosis conditions normally manifest in children and teenagers. The curvature of their spine creates a threat to their physical appearance and also to their growth. However, despite such physical deformities, there are still those who choose not to treat scoliosis conditions.

It is not necessary for scoliosis patients to immediately undergo surgery when curvature of the spine is detected. In fact, the condition first requires observation to determine what course of treatment will be best suited for that particular case. But, if a person fails to get their scoliosis condition checked by a chiropractor, proper treatment cannot occur, and the patient can expect to deal with negative consequences as a result.
What will happen if your scoliosis is left untreated?

The truth is, there are many ways to answer that question because no single case is the same and the condition varies depending on the degree of curvature in the spine and the age of the person effected. If a child, for example, develops scoliosis when he or she is still growing, the curvature will continue to increase, causing pain to the child and eventually slowing down growth and producing a physical deformity. If the condition continues to go untreated, it will make it more difficult for him or her to perform ordinary daily activities, let alone participate in physical activities at school. As the curvature of the spine becomes more severe, there is also a risk that respiratory and breathing challenges will develop.

For children who are nearer to the end of the growth and maturing process, the chances of the curve increasing significantly is much smaller; however, the curve can still grow at a slower rate over a longer period of time, eventually becoming more severe later in life. People who decide to ignore their condition or postpone their treatment will experience a slower recuperation later on when they finally do pursue treatment.

It is very important for anyone with scoliosis, at any age in any condition, to undergo treatment once the condition develops. A visit to a chiropractor can create a huge impact because it indicates a person’s desire to treat their scoliosis and initiates the observation period that is essential to determining proper scoliosis treatment. By seeking treatment as early as possible, you are more likely to avoid enduring more aggressive treatment in the future because your proactive approach will help thwart further degeneration.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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