People with scoliosis, both young and old, often have a tough time dealing with their condition. The thought of having an irregular curve in their spinal column can make them self-conscious around other people, and in addition to the physical deformity, symptoms like chronic pain can prevent them from performing even the most basic daily activities.

If you were to ask a person with scoliosis about how they wanted to handle their spinal condition, they would tell you that they would want an immediate treatment that could bring their spinal curvature back to a normal state.  Unfortunately, however, spinal surgery and medication are very expensive and can carry a lot of risks.  For others, the issue with those treatments is less about the money and more about the fact that they are fearful of such invasive and artificial treatments.

In those instances, it all boils down to the simple desire to live with scoliosis naturally.
Living naturally with scoliosis is actually not impossible. There are many natural treatments and ways a person can live with their spinal condition without having to cut through the skin. In fact, these natural options can even improve the overall functioning of the body in addition to dealing with the scoliosis symptoms.

Regular exercise has been proven to make our bodies fit and healthy.  For scoliosis patients, regular walking, running, and cardio exercises can also help strengthen the body and enable it to better withstand the chronic pain brought about by scoliosis. A healthier body normally reduces the onset of more complications, so despite the spinal deformity, a scoliosis patient can still enjoy many activities.

Another way to relieve back pain is through a massage. It helps to relax the muscles throughout the entire body in spite of the pain it may be enduring.  Massage therapists work  specifically to your needs and are, therefore, highly recommended for scoliosis patients.

Studies have also shown that yoga is another natural method to help deal with your scoliosis condition naturally. Yoga includes several positions that condition the body to counteract frequent back pain and maintain good posture, despite the abnormal curve of the spine.  Yoga also includes breathing exercises, and it is a good idea to spend time each day doing them because they will help manage the pain.

It should be noted however, that both massages and yoga will only help to alleviate pain for smaller scoliosis curves. Larger curves will require more rigorous treatments.

Last, but not least, involve yourself in activities that you will truly enjoy because they will help keep your mind off your condition. Being happy and content always works wonders on the body and its ability to cope with things.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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