We typically don’t pay much attention to our backs during our young and active years, but as we grow older and our everyday tasks become more strenuous, we soon start to notice it more. If we are not mindful of preserving the strength of our back, we can end up with chronic back pain, which affects normal everyday activities that are hampered by a lack of mobility.

Although no one wants to go through the difficulty of having back pain, your normal movements and lifestyle can contribute to the manifestation of back pain. In order to prevent that from happening, you must eliminate harmful movements and habits from your life and practice a lifestyle that leads to a healthy back.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Always lift things properly. Bad posture when lifting or picking things up leads to back pain. It is important to lift or pick something up by squatting down with feet apart instead of bending down and using the muscles in your arms versus those in your back.
  • Practice good body posture. A major drawback of incorrect body posture is the strain it places on muscles, joints, and ligaments. It can also add pressure to your discs, thus contributing to a higher risk of developing a spinal disorder.
  • Sit with support on your lower back. This is especially helpful to people who work for more than six hours a day at their desk. Support your lower back with a rolled towel or small pillow once your sit in your chair. Keep in mind not to prolong your sitting position because it can also cause strain. Change your sitting position every half an hour or simply stand up for a few minutes.
  • Exercise. Working out provides major benefits to your body. Strengthening your core and muscles will not only enhance the flow of blood in your body, but it will also help in preventing possible injuries.
  • Drink more water. You always hear your doctor says that drinking eight glasses of water a day is ideal for your overall health.  That is true, and it also helps in maintaining healthy discs in your spine. Since your spine is mostly made up of water, keeping it hydrated helps it to maintain its strength and form.
  • Sleep comfortably. Practice good sleeping habits and positions to keep your back away from possible pain. In addition, invest in a good mattress.

Chiropractor Manhattan advocates helping patients eliminate chronic pain in their backs. With proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, patients can lead a life that is safe, healthy, and secure. NY Chiropractic offers a series of exercises and treatments designed for different types of back pain and spinal conditions in order to help people live a normal and pain-free life again.

-Dr Sid
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