To see this place is to believe it.

Dr. Sid himself is one of the best chiropractors in New York City, if not the world, not just for his extensive training and skills but for the other side of Chiropractic – the relationship between Patient and Doctor. He is friendly, warm, and supportive, with a visible interest in you getting better every step of the way. A visit never went by where many like minded individuals were out to this gem, Esprit Wellness Center, to straighten out their backs, where Dr. Sid did not give me as well as everybody else individualized attention to make sure everything was proper, be it the positions, the exercises, or otherwise.

The staff Dr. Sid has helping him are top notch and invaluable as well.

Ruben always has a smile for patients new and old, never upset but always cool and flexible, making everyone’s life easier.

John is a really friendly, charismatic guy who perhaps wants to join a Broadway musical. While this is unlikely, it is always nice to hear him singing. His sense of humor and diligence towards his patients are a major bright spot upon Esprit.

As well, the facility itself is nice. With different incenses filling the air, gentle music, and cleanliness, it is very relaxing.

My neck has improved so I can turn side to side painlessly, and I am eager to return so that we can make even more leaps and strides that I never thought possible.

Dr. Sid and the staff at Esprit Wellness have made me a believer though.

If you have scoliosis, say hello to your home away from home!