I moved to NYC a couple years ago and was in search of alternative health care. I never liked taking prescription meds, cortisone shots, or other forms of masking pain. I would rather fix problems for good. So after a friend of mine spoke so highly of this midtown doctor I went to Esprit Wellness. I had multiple issues: low back pain, a slowly recovering bicep tendon tear, and a nagging knot in my back I had since college sports 7 years ago. I have been to many chiropractors before this was like no other. First you walk in to this nice 17th floor office in Midtown, only about a 5 min walk from Grand Central to be greeted by the wonderful staff. The waiting room is not chairs with old magazines its a serene space with relaxing music …and massage chairs!!! Then to the therapy, I worked with a therapist before seeing the doctor who worked out some knots and adhesions in the muscles with some very deep tissue work…amazing. Then the doctor came in and performed some ART (Active Release Technique), which come to find out was able to alleviate the sports injury from years ago after only a few sessions (I had physical therapy and probably at least a hundred deep tissue massages to try to correct this before with no success). Having used to be a serious athlete I have been to a lot of chiropractors for regular maintenance and alignment so I know a good adjustment. Dr. Sid is an expert at adjusting. He is very well trained and is so specific with his adjustments that you only feel the adjustments where you should be feeling it (if you are lucky enough to have been to a good chiropractor you know how important this is). He is truly a master of his craft which includes much more than just chiropractic. I also have a friend who just started a scoliosis treatment program at Esprit and has seen impressive results, a wonderful alternative to the invasive scoliosis surgery she was contemplating. I would highly recommend Esprit Wellness to anyone seeking relief from pain.