As a recent college graduate, I wasn’t expecting to be in debilitating back and neck pain just a few weeks after starting my first full time job. I tried to let the pain dissipate on its own, however I soon found myself unable to get through a full day at work. I looked for chiropractors located near my office, but was disappointed by the results and felt as though I was wasting money and time. I then did a bit of research and found Dr. Sid.

I can now honestly say that he is a miracle worker. Immediately after my first visit I was able to move with substantially less pain. As I have been in treatment for two months I now feel a HUGE difference. I am in almost no pain and my posture is much more aligned. I can also see these results, as Dr. Sid does follow up x-rays. In addition, I have been a migraine sufferer for the past 8 years. While nothing has “cured” my migraines, medication has kept them under control. A major unexpected and added benefit to Dr. Sid’s treatment is that I am now migraine free and weaning myself off of my medication.

To highlight just some of the elements that distinguish Dr. Sid and his office:

Professionalism: Dr. Sid and his entire staff are extremely professional.

Accommodation: The office does everything possible to make sure that you can get an appointment when it is convenient for you. Dr. Sid has even stayed after hours to treat me when I was having an especially hectic week.

Comfort: The office is extremely comfortable and well run. In addition, Dr. Sid and his entire staff are extremely understanding and compassionate.

Time Management: The office does their best to have you in and out in a reasonable time frame (there is rarely a wait, but when there is you can take advantage of the acupressure massage chairs or begin exercises early).

Fun: As treatment with Dr. Sid involves a time commitment that includes both exercises at home and time in his office, the fact that he and his staff are so easy to get along with and try to make the experience fun really makes a big difference.

Massage: The massage staff at Esprit Wellness is highly trained and highly professional. They know how to target the necessary areas and release muscle tension.

Angela: Angela keeps the office running smoothly with a smile and it is wonderful to be greeted by her both on the telephone and in person.

Continuing Education: Dr. Sid keeps up to date and provides his patients with the most effective tools chiropractic care has to offer.

Ambiance: The office is Zen like.

Dr. Sid: I have been to many chiropractors in my life, but none like Dr. Sid. His method of adjusting, stretching, and use of Active Release Techniques (ART) distinguish him far above most if not all of the other chiropractors in the NY metropolitan area.

Finally, to address the post below, as mentioned previously I have been under Dr. Sid’s care for two months. As Dr. Sid accepts my insurance, every visit and all treatment (x-rays, massage, adjustments, etc.) are covered by my co-pay. While my co-pay is $30 per visit, I am aware that other patients co-pays vary (some are smaller, some are larger). Dr. Sid is, in my opinion, worth every penny. However, I would certainly recommend checking with your insurance company and speaking with Angela before partaking in any treatment above your budget. Dr. Sid’s practice uses state of the art equipment and actually spends time with every patient making sure that their needs are met and that they are on track for recovery – his office is certainly not trying to rip anyone off.