Pain in certain parts of our body can cause us suffering. Neck pain or pain in our shoulders and arms tend to let us experience severe agony, which can easily stop us from what we are doing. If these afflictions persist, our performance at work may be affected as well as how we react to other people.

A lot of people suffer from neck, arm, and shoulder pain for a variety of reasons.  These types of pain can create intense agony, which can prevent you from accomplishing daily tasks effectively.  You may not always be able to prevent certain types of pain, but the important thing is how you deal with it.

When it comes to body pain treatment, a highly recommended, non-invasive, safe treatment option is physical therapy. Combining exercise and massage treatments, physical therapy offers a highly effective solution that gradually reduces pain without creating additional complications. Compared to pain medication, physical therapy is a much safer option.

To illustrate the safety of physical therapy processes, the medical journal, Spine, studied interventions used by physical therapists for patients with neck, arm, and shoulder pain. Over the period of 1 year, 624 patients received physical therapy treatments for up to 6 months. The treatment involved some form of exercise therapy and/or massage. After the allotted period, 619 of the patients who were treated with physical therapy had their pain resolved.

Esprit Wellness, New York Physical Therapy, offers a specifically designed treatment, unique to each patient, to assure the process is effective. Patients are evaluated first to help determine proper treatment and then a specially tailored treatment plan is carried out accordingly.

Source: Spine: 1 August 2006, Vol 31, Issue 17, pp E584- E589.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness