Recovery is a very important process after a patient has back surgery. There are side effects after a surgery that can hinder the patient’s ability to properly heal, achieve faster pain relief, and return to his or her normal body condition. Resting for several days after surgery and undergoing a series of physical exercises will help in healing and recuperating properly.

Physical therapy is a series of physical exercises designed for patients that have been through physical  trauma of some sort. Physical Therapy NYC suggests that patients who have undergone back surgery go through physical therapy.  A physical therapist will create custom exercise program based on the specific condition of the patient. These exercise program will then be carried out in a series of sessions with the physical therapist and also at home.

The point of the exercise programs is to help foster and maintain muscle flexibility to prevent future injuries after the surgery and to allow the original injury to heal properly.  Keep in mind that the success of the physical therapy treatment depends strongly on the cooperation of the patient. As stated before, patients will need to do exercises on their own at home in between visits to their physical therapist. In addition, patients will have to follow what their physical therapist instructs during each exercise program. Discomfort and pain are to be expected during the first few sessions, but they will soon fade away as your progress in your treatment.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness