Many people believe that undergoing surgery can immediately cure their spinal condition and eliminate back pain. However, that notion is not entirely true because a greater number of patients still experience pain following surgery. As a result, longer recovery periods are usually necessary, which can mean bed rest and suffering from a weak body and fatigue.

Engaging in physical therapy exercises is one recommended way of speeding that recovery time. Many doctors advise their patients to see a physical therapist or chiropractor to help them go through treatments that will aid them during their post-surgery recovery.  Physical therapy specifically addresses the pain associated with the surgery and also works to strengthen the patient’s muscles to prevent future injuries.

After a patient goes through surgery, most of his or her body movements are limited. Exercise treatments assist the patient in gradually restoring muscle function and stability to help keep the back more protected from possible injuries. Once the muscles are strengthened, pressure on the back shrinks, which reduces the pain experienced by the patient.

Physical therapy exercises are often recommended because they have been proven to be safe. The exercises involve minor movements within a realm that is feasible for patients who have just finished going through a surgery.  As the patient begins to recover and build strength in his or her body, the exercises gradually increase until the patient can move his or her body normally again.

Mild exercises for post-surgery recovery involve stretching different parts of the body, particularly the hands, arms, legs, and knees. The patient lies down most of the time while the physical therapist aids in moving the body. More advanced exercises involve the movement of the entire body and include such activities as core and back exercises, walking, and water exercises.

While it is ideal to undergo physical therapy during post-surgery recovery, it is always advised to seek diagnosis from a physical therapist or chiropractor first. These specialists will prescribe the proper exercise treatments based an individual patient’s condition and will reduce future complications in the body.

-Dr Sid
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