Lower back pain can cause a hindrance to your physical capacities, especially if it becomes intense enough that it makes you stop what you’re doing to focus on the pain. Unfortunately, adults are not the only ones who experience lower back pain – children do as well.

There are different triggers of lower back pain in children. Improper posture and carrying a heavy backpack to school are some of the causes of pain in their lower backs. It is therefore important for kids to be treated accordingly in order to reduce the pain in their lower backs.

A recent study on physical therapy and back pain showed that active treatment in children with lower back pain can significantly improve body function and reduce pain. Forty-five kids were studied for 12 weeks with the goal of identifying the significant effectiveness of individualized physical therapy with that of a home exercise program and back education without physical therapy.  Based on the results, the group of children that went through physical therapy and self-training experienced improvements in their physical functionality and pain.

The active treatment and more individualized method of treating back pain in physical therapy can significantly help in improving body function and reducing pain. Physical Therapy New York offers specialized physical therapy that is based on the unique condition of each patient for both adults and children. While exercise and massage therapy are provided in each session, patients are encouraged to follow each treatment with home exercises and proper lifestyle.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness