Physical therapy involves specific exercises that treat spinal and back conditions, eliminate pain, and heal bodily injuries. Doctors often prescribe physical therapy for pain reduction, to aid in recovery, to restore balance, in preparation of surgery, and even to avoid surgery.

Different physical therapy plans are laid out based on the nature of a patient’s injury, their condition, and what the doctor feels is best.  Physical therapy usually requires six to twelve one-hour visits, supplemented by home exercise assignments to enhance the patient’s mobility and strength, achieve faster healing and recovery, and reduce the chances of having another injury.

Before physical activity begins, a patient will undergo an assessment by a physical therapist, so they can evaluate the condition and determine which type of therapy will best address it.  The first appointment is usually an hour or an hour and a half, while the physical therapist reviews the patient’s medical history and does a physical evaluation. Patients will be asked to perform certain activities, so the physical therapist can observe and identify where the problem is occurring and what approach needs to be taken to remedy it.

In the beginning, a patient will experience slight discomfort in the joins or muscles.  This is normal because the body is adjusting to the new treatment and relearning the proper way to move.  The pain becomes less with time, however, as the body readjusts and the issues are addressed.

Physical therapy New York continues assessment throughout the sessions to be sure that patients are comfortable and reduce any risk of complication. Exercises are evaluated and modified if necessary to be sure the treatment is personalized and applicable at all times throughout the process.

Throughout the treatment, physical therapists ensure that a patient is not only healing, but also achieving increased muscle flexibility and strength, so they can return to their normal activities. As a patient becomes comfortable with different levels of exercise and pain is reduced, the level of difficult of the movements is increased to continue progress. Manhattan Physical Therapy includes several treatment plans that conform to the changing needs of the patients.

-Dr Sid
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