It’s a natural human tendency to fear what we don’t know.

Unfortunately, scoliosis has long been a condition full of unknowns. Why does it occur? Why does it progress in some and not in others? And perhaps most importantly, how can we effectively treat it?

Each person’s experience living with scoliosis is unique, yet we’ve found one commonality amongst the majority of our patients.

At some point since their diagnosis, whether consciously or subconsciously, scoliosis patients have learned to fear their bodies.

A child may have learned this fear when his/her parents were told he/she should have surgery, or else prepare for a lifetime of problems. A young woman may have learned it when she heard her curve would most likely worsen during pregnancy and menopause. Many others learned it when their condition was labeled “progressive,” and they found themselves without any viable solutions to slow it down.

Left unchecked, this fear can easily lead to hopelessness, especially for those who endured challenging scoliosis programs and unsuccessful scoliosis surgeries in their past. Until now, many of our patients had resigned themselves to an inevitable future of deteriorating health.

This no longer needs to be true for you.

Huge strides have been made in treating scoliosis over the years. We are light years away from the days of “I’m sorry, there’s not much we can do.” There is, in fact, plenty we can do. At CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment Center of New York, we help guide your attention away from fear and place it directly on your healing.

For that healing to take place, it is imperative you give up seeing your body as your adversary and learn to partner with it.

Once you commit fully to your treatment, we think you’ll find this shift surprisingly easy to make. When you start seeing and feeling the positive changes you are making, those old feelings of hopelessness have a way of turning into excitement. Your old inclination to anticipate the worst transforms into an increasing expectation of good.

Stay committed to your scoliosis treatments, and the day just may come when your old fears are fully replaced with reverence- for yourself, and for your body’s natural ability to heal.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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