Many women with scoliosis believe that they will never be able to become pregnant. They worry that the abnormal curvature of their spine will be inherited by the baby or initiate birth defects and that the pregnancy may worsen their own scoliosis condition.  Such apprehensions, however, are untrue, and women who suffer from scoliosis need not worry about their condition inhibiting their desire to become pregnant.

Scoliosis does not cause any significant risk to the fetus.  Nor does it initiate any birth defects or physical limitations to the baby. As a matter of fact, there has been no evidence that fertility is damaged by scoliosis, and assuming no other pre-existing conditions come into play, the baby will experience a normal birth and growth.

In addition, scoliosis usually does not worsen due to pregnancy.  With the exception of severe cases, the curvature of the spine remains the same.  That said, a pregnant woman with scoliosis will usually experience greater back pain due to the additional weight of her body.  It is therefore necessary for a woman to talk about pain management with her doctors, so she knows how to deal with the during both pregnancy and child birth.

Although the common misconceptions about severe challenges are unfounded, there are certain side effects that women with scoliosis commonly experience during pregnancy.  Breathing troubles often manifest during pregnancy, and women will frequently experience breathlessness or difficulty breathing.   This is caused by the expanding uterus, which pushes the diaphragm back and hinders normal airflow.

Muscle weakness may also occur during pregnancy. The weakening of the muscles makes it more difficult to push during birth, and as a result, doctors often resort to performing a cesarean.  Exercise and physical therapy are important during pregnancy to keep muscles as strong as possible, and they are also helpful for managing pain.

The most important thing a woman with scoliosis can do during her pregnancy is to visit her doctor regularly and properly monitor the pregnancy  to avoid complications.  By working closely with her doctor, she can be at ease and enjoy preparing for the new addition to her family.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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