Parents with children who are suffering from scoliosis and similar conditions are often steered towards having their kids undergo scoliosis surgery to correct spine condition at its onset. Although scoliosis surgery may seem to be an immediate scoliosis treatment to the spinal condition, the process is highly invasive and the possibility of complication is higher than most people would care to risk.

Scoliosis surgery itself is the surgical process of treating scoliosis in an adult or a child. Like most types of surgery, scoliosis surgery is extremely invasive and requires incisions, stitches as well as spinal fusions. In turn, patients are likely to experience a number of probable complications after surgery that may further worsen or, at the very least, instigate more problems in other areas of the body.

So with this in mind, why do many people still turn to scoliosis surgery when treating their scoliosis?

Generally, people opt for a surgery due to the need of eliminating their spinal deformity as soon as possible. Adults want to immediately be rid of their scoliosis problem to live a fully active life and thus obtain social acceptance. Children often undergoing surgery due to fear of disrupted growth due to the spinal irregularity.

While in severe cases, surgery is certainly a viable option, there is no evidential support that scoliosis surgery will completely purge spinal abnormality. In fact, studies show that people who have been through surgery for scoliosis may be more at risk to additional body abnormalities, over those who seek out less invasive treatments to deal with their scoliosis or simply leave their scoliosis alone.

A number of non-invasive and alternative treatments can serve as an optimal solution to scoliosis other than surgery. Esprit Wellness caters to such treatments by providing premium chiropractic treatments to New York City that focus on the causes of scoliosis, not just treating the deformity. Our Scoliosis Treatment takes patients through a three-step process where patients start off by relaxing and “warming-up” the disks between the vertebrae through the assistance of several machines – all non-invasive. From there the chiropractors as Esprit Wellness begin spinal adjustment, and end the three step process with the setting of the spine to ensure changes are permanent.
While alternative solutions to scoliosis surgery may require longer time, or multiple efforts – the results are more promising, effective and last longer without additional complications or the risks associated with surgery.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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