The ScoliSmart Scoliosis Treatment Center of New York
At The ScoliSmart Scoliosis Treatment Center of New York, we offer a solution to scoliosis that does not involve surgery or bracing.

Unlike passive scoliosis treatments of the past, the ScoliSmart approach requires your participation. From your very first consultation with us, you will become an integral part of our team of doctors and physical therapists whose collective goal is your natural healing.

Scoliosis Treatment is complex. Over time, your body has learned to compensate for the twists and turns of your spine. In effort to keep you upright and standing tall, it has developed various imbalances in your muscles and ligaments. Some are overworked and hold themselves tightly, while others remain virtually unused and dormant.

The first step in our work together is to loosen the spine and bring flexibility back to the muscles and ligaments that are holding. We do this in a variety of ways:

· The Wobble Chair and Neck Traction- The patient prepares his or her body for treatment by creating space in the wedged discs of the spine.

· Vibratory Traction- By taking away the potential stress of gravity, we are able to extend and relax the spine. Each machine releases consistent pulses of vibration to further aid in the loosening of muscles and ligaments.

Once we’ve regained some of your spine’s flexibility, we can begin opening the scoliotic curve and work to strengthen the underused and weak areas through:

· The Eckard Table- The Eckard’s flexing table allows the spine to not only open and stretch, but to access its full range of motion, an often elusive experience for the scoliosis patient.

· The Scoliosis Traction Chair- This is one of the key components of the ScoliSmart Scoliosis Treatment, where the patient has the opportunity to work with their body in a virtually “scoliosis-free” state.

The final step in our process involves guiding and setting your body into a healthier state of alignment. This involves:

· Chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Sid- These adjustments are based on your on-going x-rays that monitor your progress and are aimed at gradually bringing your spine to its natural healthy state.

· Weighting and Setting Procedures- We now need to set about teaching your body (and brain) how to accept and support your new alignment. This is done through a variety of weighting and balancing techniques tailored specifically to you.

We are teaching your body a new way of being. This takes time and diligence on the part of the patient. We at ScoliSmart Treatment center of New York believe that “The power that creates the body heals the body.” In order to harness that power, however, the patient must be a willing participant. In addition to the treatment received in the office with Dr. Sid and Dr. Rofe and his staff, patients are required to continue their individualized program at home.

Through The ScoliSmart Treatment, rather than offering a “quick fix” for your scoliosis, we provide an empowering way to realign and re-strengthen your body, and put you on the path to reclaim the health you deserve.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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