Chronic back pain can cause a person to regularly suffer and compromise on daily activities, including sleep, walking, and household work. The incessant pain prompts the need to find immediate relief, and that sometimes involves surgical procedures, even though they are highly risky and very costly.

Fortunately, less risky, nonsurgical treatments for chronic back pain are now available.  Patients have a wider range of treatment options to choose from and no longer have to instantly resort to surgery. Physical therapy, medication, and chiropractic procedures can now serve as effective alternative treatments to unwanted back pain.

Spinal decompression is another efficient, nonsurgical, and cost-effective back pain treatment option. It generally decompresses the spine, which not only provides relief to back pain, but also heals the bulging or herniated discs.  In order to undergo spinal decompression, a patient lies down on a specially-designed table and is wrapped with a harness around the pelvis and torso areas. The harness is then connected to a computer, where the doctor or chiropractor performs the pain relief treatment. What makes it ideal is the fact that no needles or drugs are involved, the  treatment only takes about 45 minutes, and the patient doesn’t even have to undress.

Apart from relieving back pain, spinal decompression also helps heal herniated or bulging discs. During the therapy, negative pressure is applied to the affected discs to cause them to retract. This reduces pressure on the spine and allows the proper movement of fluids around it. Not only does the fluid movement help to correct bulging discs, but it also aids in the healing process.

So, the question then becomes, “Is spinal decompression worth the money?” If you are willing to pay at least ten thousand dollars for a highly-invasive surgery, then going through a non-invasive and effective treatment that only costs around two thousand is certainly worth it. Though spinal decompression may require around twenty visits to complete the treatment, the overall cost is significantly lower than that of surgery.

Spinal Decompression NYC offers both convenience and cost-efficiency when it comes to treating back pain. Patients will always feel comfortable during their procedures at Chiropractor NYC, and since it is non-invasive, the risks are very minimal.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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