When you experience lower back pain, it can affect even your day-to-day activities like walking, sitting, and picking things up from the floor. Suffering from such excruciating and constant pain is often unbearable and proper treatment, therefore, is needed.

There are many ways to treat lower back pain. Spinal decompression is one example of a non-surgical treatment that is proven to be effective. Since it requires no incision, symptoms and risks are minimal as compared to surgery.

How does spinal decompression help relieve lower back pain? Typically, back pain is caused by different spinal problems like a herniated discs, which is when a disc from your spinal cord bulges and is out of place.  Spinal decompression gently and slowly creates negative pressure in the disc, so it can easily move back into its proper position.  Basically, the spine is decompressed, which eliminates the pressure within the disc.

Most experts believed that while the spine is decompressed, more nutrients and fluids are able to move smoothly toward the spine, thus aiding in faster healing and recovery. These nutrients also help strengthen the ligaments and joints, so further injury can be prevented.

Spinal decompression NYC ensures the safety and effectiveness of each treatment. Patients are provided with best care and are guaranteed of safe results within a specified time. During the procedure, the patient will lie down on a special table, and highly specialized cables connected to a computer will be attached to the patient to control movement. These movements gradually help to properly align the spine, which provides relief to the patient’s back pain.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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