Spinal deformity among adolescents and adults has become not just a health problem, but also a physical dilemma. The abnormal curvature of the spine often causes patients to have lower self-esteem because they think that they are different from others.  Consequently, this makes them shy away from participating in more social activities with their peers and live a more isolated existence.

Self-image in a person is very important because it can help them pass through life more successfully. The same applies to scoliosis patient, yet goes even a step further. Not only will enhanced self-image help them feel more confident in life, but it will also give them hope as they work through their spinal condition.

Oftentimes, scoliosis patients resort to surgical treatments to correct their spinal deformity as soon as possible, believing that, after surgery, they can return to a normal life without spinal curvature.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  There are cases in which spinal surgery cannot enhance self-image and, sometimes, can even makes it worst. The scar that marks the patient’s back is proof of their physical dilemma, not to mention the highly likely complications of bleeding, constant pain, and a second round of surgery.

Fortunately, there are alternative treatments that can help alleviate the spinal condition of a patient as well as help improve self-image. Even though these natural treatments may require more time and effort from the patient, the results are far more satisfying than having to go under the knife.

Chiropractor NYC offers a variety of non-invasive alternative treatments to surgery. There is no need for incisions, so much fewer risks are involved. There recuperation time is also less, and the patient will feel more relaxed and involved in the process. NY Chiropractic will ensure that patients will always have the most appropriate treatments and solutions, not only for their physical deformity, but also for how they would will feel about it later on.

-Dr Sid
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