Rehabilitative exercise is necessary both during and after your spinal treatments to make sure the correction you achieve is a lasting one.Most chiropractic practices you’ve visited likely just focused on pain relief and spinal adjustment, essentially short-term fixes that ensure you’ll soon be back seeking more treatment.
At Esprit Wellness, our goal for you is a more permanent structural correction followed up by rehabilitative exercise to maintain your spine’s health. This is where spinal rehab comes in.

Our rehab exercises are done both in clinic and at home. They involve the application of heat, cold, massage and exercise. We will prescribe exactly the right balance of these treatments to strengthen, relax and heal your muscles.

Exercise: We will demonstrate and prescribe specific therapeutic exercises to support your ongoing treatment and recovery. Therapeutic exercises are done in the office under our supervision. We may use therapeutic machines and equipment that provide vibration and body weighting to speed up postural correction. The doctor will also give you an exercise plan to follow at home, a necessary part of your healing.

Important Message to Patients:

It’s important to remember that spinal misalignment s can take years to develop, and so it takes time to correct them. Once your pain has subsided, you may think all is well and abandon your efforts, returning to your old habits.

But if you end your care before fully healing the muscles and soft tissues, you invite a relapse. Many people make this mistake and end up coming back again and again for further chiropractic and/or physical therapy treatment, not realizing that ongoing rehabilitative exercise can prevent the pain from returning.

When you come to Esprit Wellness, we’ll carefully explain the right way to do your rehabilitative “homework” and we will help you stay on track.