Physical therapy is considered a mainstream non-surgical treatment for back pain. Many doctors recommend their patients go through physical therapy treatment before undergoing more aggressive procedures such as surgery because it is often able to cure the ailment with little to no side effects. Patients can find relief to their back pain without having to suffer the risks and long-term consequences of invasive procedures.

Physical therapy New York provides several kinds of physical therapy treatments that are geared toward the conditions and needs of the patient. Exercises are a part of each type of therapy, as a way to make the body feel relaxed and at ease during a patient’s more tailored session.

In order to increase their back pain relief during physical therapy, here are a few steps that patients can follow:

  • Choose the right kind of help for your condition. Physical therapy is wide field of science, and different body conditions are aided by different treatments. For back pain, a chiropractor specializing in physical therapy is most likely to aid in relieving that pain.
  • Control your anxiety and stress. Pain in the body is often manifested by too much stress and anxiety. Even though you may have a spinal condition, the pain can usually be somewhat when you take measures to relax.
  • Expect some discomfort during the process. You will likely feel a slight discomfort as your body is adjusted, but that does not mean the treatment is not working.  In fact, it is a normal part of any treatment, especially during the first few sessions, because the body is realigning itself and it take a little while for it to recalibrate.
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking is hazardous to your health anyway, but when you have a spinal problem, it’s even worse because it blocks the spine from the nutrients it needs to heal itself.
  • Perform the exercises you are given during your physical therapy sessions, as well as any that are assigned for you to do at home. Your chiropractor will assign exercises for a reason, so it’s important to follow them, as you will be more likely to speed your recovery.  If you don’t, the process of relieving your back pain will take longer.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleeping keeps the body relaxed, which is very important to physical therapy.
  • Eat the right kind of food. Boost your body with the right nutrients, so it is well-equipped to perform exercises more effectively and fight the pain.

-Dr Sid
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