I met Dr. Sid at my gym. I had been having pain in my elbow that was really interfering with my weight lifting. He talked with me about Active Release Technique, a hands on therapy to break up the scar tissue and “stuff” (highly technical and really needs to be explained by him!). He is also a chiropractor, but if you have been to one before, be prepared for a totally new experience. His office is amazing! Calming, peaceful, zen-like. The tables for the chiro work are right out in the open…no rabbit warren of adjustment rooms. You start out in one of the cool, really effective massage chairs, then move to a therapy room for a mini-therapeutic massage…really good hands on hand! Dr. Sid’s chiro adjustments are effective and delivered always with humor! The ART has been amazingly successful for me. After having to drop my lifting weight dramatically due to the pain, I am now (in less than three months) back to lifting more (pain free) than when I started the therapy. Thanks, Dr. Sid!