I recently gave birth to my first child! Throughout my pregnancy I experienced much discomfort – nausea, headaches, low back & pelvic pain, and front thigh numbness and tingling. My baby was also in breech position until the 36th week. I am grateful I was referred to Dr. Aatif Siddiqui (“Dr. Sid”) for drugless, non-noninvasive, alternative care.

I really enjoyed my care under Dr. Sid. I found him to be very proficient in the special needs of pregnant women and familiar with the common complaints associated with each stage of pregnancy. I loved how he took the time to educate me on matters that were a concern to me – lower back pain, pelvis pain, nutrition. Dr. Sid also uses state-of-art equipment and procedures designed specifically for pregnant women. He holds post doctorate education in pre/post natal care, pediatrics, and scoliosis (for children). He is also certified in Webster Technique. A technique employed on pregnant moms whose baby presents breech. I experienced this technique to be a gentle adjustment that focused on the alignment of my pelvis, sacrum, pubic bone, and attachment of my uterine ligament. I continue to see Dr. Sid for my post-natal care. He has been helpful in alleviating the pain and discomfort in my shoulders as a result of my breastfeeding. He is using Active Release Techniques on me. And, I love it!

All in all I felt very safe and relieved I found Dr. Sid at a time when I was in great need of responsible, natural, and effective pre-natal chiropractic care. I highly encourage him. BTW he too is a recent daddy which makes him that much more understanding and knowledgeable in my eyes.