A lot of people, whether they do physical labor or office work, suffer from bodily injuries that can get in the way of their jobs. For workers who lift heavy loads day in and day out, they are often prone to knee injuries and pain in their backs and hips. People who work in offices are also at risk for injuries, especially if they sit in front of their desks for long periods of time, as that frequently results in lower back pain.

Even if worker expects certain injuries to occur, when the condition is at its worst, it can create a huge burden not only for the worker, but for their family as well. The cost of having your body conditions treated is usually quite large, and medical bills can quickly take up a significant portion of your salary.  In addition, there is also a lot of time spent on check-ups, treatments, and recovery.

Knowing the treatment options that are available to you will help to alleviate some of your physical and emotional concerns.  Many people immediately turn to spinal surgery, but the problem is that not only is it incredibly expensive, but it is highly risky due to the side effects involved. Moreover, patients who undergo surgery must spend several weeks – or even months – recuperating, which is unfeasible when it comes to keeping your job.

An excellent alternative to surgery is chiropractic care.  It is a non-invasive treatment option that has been used for many years and is proven to be effective and safe. Chiropractic care uses massage and exercise treatments that helps the body  naturally heal itself.

Chiropractor Manhattan ensures its patients with work-related injuries that they will be able to help heal their conditions faster and more effectively than if they opted for surgery. Going through a chiropractic treatment will help workers heal faster and get back to their work in less time, which is a significant benefit, given that sick days and paid time off are limited.

When it comes to cost, chiropractic care also offers a great advantage to surgery. The treatment usually requires a per session payment, which is more affordable than surgical procedures. No medications or incisions are required, which also makes it less expensive for workers.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness