Dysphoria is a mental and emotional condition by which a patient experiences intense depression. Unfortunately, cases of dysphoria among men and women are significant, given the number of factors, such as stress and chronic pain, that contribute to its manifestation in the body.

When we are able to understand people with depression and what they are going through, we can help them reduce their symptoms by making their lifestyles easier. Many patients with depression suffer from mood swings and limited social and physical activity, which often makes them feel like giving up on life. Therefore, it is crucial that we help our loved ones by finding ways to reduce the pain in their body.

It is not uncommon for patients with chronic back pain to experience depression due to the severe pain they endure each day. The effects of depression on these patients is significant and interferes with their everyday activities.  According to a study in the Clinical Journal of Pain, dysphoria is highly prevalent in both nonelderly and elderly subjects who experience chronic pain. Based on the results of the study, the duration of pain among patients with depression was longer in nonelderly subjects than with elderly ones. At the same time, depressed chronic pain patients took more antidepressants and experienced greater pain intensity and interference in daily activities than those who were not depressed.

If you have a loved one who suffers from chronic pain, it is important to have their pain condition treated immediately to avoid having it trigger depression. Manhattan Physical Therapy provides pain treatment that can help both non-depressed and depressed patients fight through their pain more successfully. Treatments are assured safe with minimal or no risks and therefore do not add additional burdens to the patient.

Source: The Clinical Journal of Pain, June 1993; volume 9 issue 2.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness