Many people with scoliosis consider surgery because of its supposed cosmetic and medical benefits to the body. Since the curvature of the spine is often viewed as a physical abnormality, they opt for surgery because it is the only way they can instantly correct their spinal deformity and attain a normal physique.

Another reason people opt for surgery is to eliminate the symptoms of scoliosis, which usually include back pain. The burden of having back pain can hinder a person from doing many activities, even day-to-day tasks such as sitting properly for a long period of time or bending down. Although there may be many alternative ways to address back pain, most scoliosis patients believe that surgery can fully rid them of the tremendous physical pain they endure.

Lastly, scoliosis patients desire to live a normal life and deem that having scoliosis will impede the quality of that life. Since they are hindered by their physical appearance and back pain, they choose to push forward with surgery right away to achieve their goal as quickly as possible.

These may be the reasons behind people’s decisions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are accurate. In fact, some of the patients’ desires are often negated after they go through a surgery, and instead of receiving a higher quality of life, it becomes worse.

Scoliosis surgery is a highly invasive procedure that requires a deep incision that may lead to loss of blood, severe pain, and possible complications in the other parts of the body. While it may be providing an immediate treatment, it doesn’t necessarily achieve long term relief.

First, scoliosis surgery may not totally provide a cosmetic improvement to the physicality of the patient. Of course, the spinal curve is corrected, but the stitches that span the entire back of the patient aren’t necessarily cosmetically appealing, especially on hot summer days.

Second, scoliosis surgery may not totally eliminate the symptoms of scoliosis, especially when it comes to pain. The truth is, there is a risk that surgery will create more threatening complications, such as loss of blood, more severe back pain, infections, and even respiratory complications.

Finally, scoliosis surgery does not guarantee an improved quality of life in the future. Many patients have testified that, for various reasons, their lives would have been better off had they not gone through surgery. Many of them also say that their pain and symptoms actually got worse after surgery.

-Dr Sid
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