Pediatric physical therapy is a treatment for children who experience congenital and non-congenital conditions, developmental delays, neurological disorders, genetic syndromes, musculoskeletal impairments and functional limitation caused by injuries.

When physical and emotional symptoms become evident in a child, parents should take them to a physical therapist to have their condition diagnosed right away.  This sets things in motion for the condition to be treated as soon as possible, thus reducing the chances of it worsening.  Early detection and treatment also help to reduce the chances of having to go through high-risk, invasive surgery.

The role of families is very important in pediatric physical therapy because it can influence the progress of the child. Family members are encouraged to participate in the activities as a way to entice the child to participate and perform the activities. They are also advised to offer their full support and patience as the children go through physical therapy.

Some of the benefits of pediatric physical therapy include body strength improvement, enhanced motor development, and increased physical independence.  Kids who have undergone therapy are reported to participate more in daily activities, have healthier bodies, and be more active and independent. Physical Therapy New York can assure these advantages, so children can live a normal high quality of life.

Physical Therapy New York provides family members of the patient with tips and guidelines on what they can do to help.  It helps them understand what they need to do when the child is going through therapy, what they should say and how to react, and what to do (or not do) to reduce stress on the child. Ultimately, it is important that family members treat the child as normally as possible.

-Dr Sid
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