Chiropractic care is an alternative treatment to surgical procedures and medicinal treatments. It is a non-invasive spine and back treatment that centers around eliminating obstructions in the body that cause pain and abnormal functionality. Due to its safe and effective techniques, chiropractic care is one of the most popular back treatments available.

Chiropractic care offers different treatment options to suit varying health needs, and each type is designed to use specific techniques to help patients heal properly and recover quickly.  Although the processes involved in each type of chiropractic care differ, the goal is always the same for all  chiropractic care techniques: safe treatment without medicinal or surgical involvement.

There are three main types of chiropractic care: relief chiropractic, corrective/remedial chiropractic, and maintenance chiropractic.

In relief chiropractic, treatments are designed to remedy pain and discomfort in patients.  People who suffer from pain, particularly in the back and neck, can pursue relief chiropractic in order to achieve instant and even permanent relief.  However, the length of time a patient needs to continue the treatments varies depending on the extent of the spinal problem.

Corrective/remedial chiropractic provides corrective treatments when other methods have failed to cure the condition. This type of chiropractic care is appropriate for patients who have been through surgical and medical procedures that were unsuccessful in correcting their spinal deformity. Since this type of chiropractic treatment involves correcting the spinal abnormality of the patient, a longer period of time is often warranted in this type of treatment.

For maintenance chiropractic care, patients undergo a sustained level of treatment that requires visitation every two to six weeks. Maintenance chiropractic aids patients in their healing process and helps to prevent the reoccurrence of the previous spinal problem, as well as any additional injuries.

To help determine which type of chiropractic care best suits your current health condition, a chiropractor will perform a series of diagnostic tests. Chiropractor NYC uses diagnostic tests to safely and effectively identify the spinal issues, so they can care for patients properly and provide them with the most appropriate treatment to help alleviate and cure their spinal condition.  Scheduling an initial consultation with NY Chiropractic will aid you in determining which treatment option is best for you.

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