Neck pain can come from a variety of different reasons and circumstances. From a car accident to repetitive strains, the cause can vary from one individual to another. If this condition is not treated in a timely manner, the pain can affect the person’s quality of life.

Stiff Neck Pain – Cause of Other Disorders
As a general rule, stiff neck pain can be the cause of a host of various and severe disorders including migraine headaches, depression and anxiety. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatment options that can be used to treat a stiff neck problem. One of the most effective treatments for stiff necks and other types of neck pain is physical therapy.

Physical therapy can help to reduce and eliminate migraine headaches, specifically headaches that are derived from severe neck pain. Based on the individual, the migraine problems can produce vision disturbances, nausea and high sensitivity to light and noise. While some people are able to function throughout their workday, the pain for others can be debilitating. Those caused by tension in an individual’s neck can be categorized as classic migraines. For some, this type of neck pain can be remedied by physical therapy. This is one of the main reasons why some physicians refer their patients to licensed physical therapy NY therapists who can assist with resolving the problem. This is also an excellent alternative to traditional prescription medicines that leave the person with other adverse side effects and a nagging headache that will not stop. In many cases, people cannot function properly because the prescription medicines can leave the person feeling drowsy instead of alert.
Role of the Physical Therapist and Techniques

The role of a professional physical therapy NYC therapist is to work with the individual’s physician to formulate an effective regimen. For instance, if the person’s condition has been caused by a car accident, the physician can refer their patient to a licensed physical therapy midtown company for a certain period of time. This timeframe can vary widely based on the individual which can be several weeks to over a month. The amount of time is based on the individual, the physician, along with the approval of the insurance carrier. To resolve the problem, the physical therapy NYC therapist will often teach their patients how to perform a variety of stretching exercises in order to relieve their neck pain.

In some situations, the headaches can be resolved by doing specific stretching exercises during the approved sessions. On the other hand, many need additional physical therapy midtown treatment to ensure the pain remains gone. Certain individuals may need a combination of different techniques to eliminate the pain, which in turns means a classical physical therapy regimen may be needed. The combination of strategies and techniques usually includes adjustments and movement work to restore the neck to its normal functioning, specifically restoring the neck muscles and joints to its original condition and placements.

The physical therapist can also perform massage therapy on the neck to relieve the pain. Such massage techniques are very effective pain control for many patients as well as an enjoyable de-stressing method.