Every person seeks to achieve a good quality of life through financial security, good health, and supportive friends and family. Unfortunately, however, some of those things aren’t always attainable.  Chronic low back pain, for example, is a body disorder that can influence a patient’s quality of life. Due to intense pain and limited movement, patients are oftentimes unable to perform well in normal daily activities. As much as they want to engage, both socially and physically, they are restricted by the constant pain in their back.

But, can accepting the pain actually help enhance a patient’s quality of life?

A study from the Clinical Journal of Pain showed that quality of life can also be associated with a patient’s acceptance to pain. If a patient is willing to accept his or her body condition and the pain associated with it, they will be able to achieve a better quality of life.

The study involved questionnaires and forms submitted by 86 patients with chronic lower back pain. Based on the results, it was concluded that overall acceptance of pain can be related to general quality of life. Furthermore, pain acceptance can be strongly associated with helping the patient achieve a nice quality of life based on independence and environment.  But, it may only provide a satisfactory contribution to the psychological and social dimensions of quality of life.

Chronic back pain patients may struggle with their current condition, but through proper treatment and guidance, it is possible to manage their pain well. For pain treatment, Chiropractor NYC offers an extensive range of chronic back pain treatment that can help patients. Natural healing is emphasized, which reduces any risks and complications that may otherwise negatively affect a patient’s quality of life. With chiropractic treatments, patients are able to go on with their life in a better way.

Source: Clinical Journal of Pain: January 2008, volume 24, Issue 1, pp 22-29.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness