At Esprit Wellness, the amiable “Dr. Sid” wields his experience and expertise (see above two reviews) in a peaceful, beautiful space that feels more like a spa than a medical office. As a physically active, full-time Yoga teacher, city cyclist, scooter commuter, and mother of an active boy, I find I always feel stronger, more relaxed, knots and tensions eased, when I’ve received an adjustment from Dr. Sid. He strongly believes in education, and his medical massage therapists are great, too. My personal half-hour “spa” in the midst of a busy workday or week is going there to get an adjustment, whether for a pain or tightness or just for fatigue or to boost my immunity during a busy period – and then reclining in one of their luxurious, full-length massage chairs in the quiet, soothing room that provides a resting space before or after your adjustment. My favorite program is the: Acupressure. The AM and PM programs are great, too – anytime! Take your time over several visits to try them all! The atmosphere of the tastefully appointed space, the staff, and Dr. Sid are a welcome oasis of serenity dedicated to natural healing and sensibly backed by experience and knowledge, right in midtown.